I ordered these merchandise from kpoptown all within a month, and let me say that the shipping from South Korea to the United States (California to be more specific) is just fantastic! I usually get all my items within the week of shipment instead of waiting my usual two weeks. As soon as the item is available, they’ll ship it within 1-3 business days. After the item is shipped out, I can expect my order to be at my house within the next week. 

I ordered the Big Bang Sincobuco socks and the Big Bang Ssesock socks. Both came individually packed and were exactly as pictured in the pictures. I was very satisfied with them, especially since they fit me perfectly. 

I also pre-ordered the Big Bang Big Show 2011 and when there was a delay with the delivery, I was immediately contacted by the staff members. I was quite impressed with their service because some websites expect you to just know your order’s been delayed without telling you otherwise. I ordered this with a poster (not shown) and it came in a very sturdy poster tube (as seen above), unharmed and undamaged. The poster arrived here without any dents and in perfect condition, considering how far it had to travel. Also the dvds itself came undamaged inside a well protected bubble wrap. 

I recently pre-ordered Big Bang’s Still Alive Special Edition CD as well. The poster (seen above) just arrived today, which means the CD will most likely be here tomorrow! =D I’m so excited already to receive it. 

So far, all my experiences with Kpoptown have been wonderful and I will continue to order from them. They make it easy for everyone to make purchases, especially if you’re in the United States. They charge US Dollars so there’s no need to do any types of conversion from Wons to USD. They always have the latest CDs from new to popular artists for pre-order several weeks ahead of time, and if you’re looking for a specific item that they do not have, you could write to them and request that they carry it as well. 

Thank you kpoptown for supplying me with all my Korean goods! =D 

If you want to order from them too, please go to: www.kpoptown.com Happy Shopping!

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